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Certificate in Agribusiness Training

Duration: 3 months (12 weeks)


Purpose of Agribusiness Training

Acknowledging the gap in agripreneurial and employment opportunities among young people. This training is designed to ultimately strengthen, improve and effectively impart knowledge and skills for proper management of their own businesses.



The overall objective of this course is to equip trainees with the basic concepts of Agripreneurial skills and knowledge essential to the success of small business enterprises.
Specifically, this curriculum is designed to help participants:

  • To learn and apply the crops science and hydroponics knowledge thus enhancing food security in the community and globally.
  • To integrate the science of crops, animal Science and soft skills thus realize a holistic agripreniural demeanor.
  • To analyze the value addition of crop science, hydroponics structures, and technology.
  • Understand how to generate, identify and select agribusiness ideas.
  • Acquire relevant knowledge and skills to start and successfully manage an enterprise/ agribusiness venture.
  • Gain skills on Personal Development which help them to start and run enterprises
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the communication process in agribusiness settings and how to Write business documents effectively.
  • To formulate a practical Agribusiness Plan.


Learning Approaches

Learning approaches include training methodologies (Interactive talk, illustrative talk, brainstorming, group discussions, role play, field activities/practicals, excursions, case studies, workshops, and panel discussions) that enable effective training and facilitation through a participant participatory learner-based approach leading a to sustainable generation and dissemination of knowledge.